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List of projects I’m working on: Hugo Tutorial Letters to Neblings Mosquito trap for San Diego Makersfair Install and play Etrna Create dry creekbed in backyard for drainage Install water barrels Tickled Squid team management Rna necklace for San Diego Makersfair

26 Sep 2015

Missing Feet

I hate shopping for clothes. My feet always disappear.

16 Jun 2015

New Blog

It’s been a loooong time since I blogged, I think the last time was, what, in the nineties? Anyhoo. Here I am online blogging again. Why? I’m learning to use Hugoto create static sites and blogs. It was about time I refreshed my website, too. Make it responsive, show some of what I’ve been working on. That sort of thing. Yep.

16 Jun 2015

Parti Girl

Parti Girl is a parti poodle, literally. Parti poodles are spotted poodles. It’s rumored that “parti” is french for “part-colored”. These poodles are unusual in the United States because the American Kennel Club does not accept them to be shown. However, parti poodles make excellent family dogs for their friendly and intelligent demenor.

16 May 2015